IASDR 2017 product design researchDesign without appropriately executed research can lead to a product or service that doesn’t work or that customers don’t want or like. And an unfit, unwanted or disliked product can result in both monetary and reputational costs for a business. On the other hand, in depth research utilizing the right methodology as part of a flawlessly executed design and development process can result in a superior product that beats the competition, leading to increased business success.

The increasing need to maximize the success of new product launches has led the insurgence in importance of product design research, or design research more generally.

Design research can take many forms, including observational research, contextual inquiry, secondary research, one-on-one interviews, social media listening, international research and in-depth interviewing. Much like a mechanic who chooses different tools for different jobs, a researcher chooses research methodology based on the needs of the development project.

IASDR 2017 and UC DAAP

IASDR 2017 product design researchIASDR, or the International Association of Societies of Design Research, is a non-profit organization dedicated to “the research or study into or about the activity of design in all its many fields of application, through encouraging collaboration on an international level between independent societies of design research.”

IASDR chose the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning (a top-tier university program from which a number of Kaleidoscope employees and co-ops have graduated) to host the 2017 IASDR conference.

Dr. Gjoko Muratovski, Director and Endowed Chair of DAAP’s School of Design, explains to us UC DAAP’s role in hosting the conference.

“For the first time since its inception, the highly influential conference of the International Association of Societies of Design Research (IASDR) has been held in North America and we had the pleasure of hosting it here in Cincinnati. This has given us an incredible opportunity to showcase unique aspects of design research practices in the US to the rest of the world. In return, we also had the opportunity to learn from our international colleagues about the latest developments in design research from across the globe. Moreover, we were able to expand our own professional networks further and to introduce ourselves as global players in this field.”

Kaleidoscope’s Presence at IASDR 2017

IASDR 2017 product design researchKaleidoscope Vice President of Research and Development, Medical – Michael Clem, DVM, MS – presented at the IASDR conference. He shared guidance on how to best drive medical device innovation in a large corporation. As part of the presentation, he explained the “Ships and Castles” philosophy to help navigate challenges that may arise in the process.

“I welcomed the opportunity to share some of the insights Kaleidoscope has learned from helping corporate partners develop innovative products,” shared Clem. He also expressed his and Kaleidoscope’s thanks to both IASDR and the University of Cincinnati for the opportunity to share these findings at the conference.

Product Design Research

IASDR 2017 product design researchKaleidoscope offers a wide spectrum of services in the product design and development process, including design research and insights, product design, user experience (UX) design, engineering, development, visualization and animation, direct product development services, and Ascend Innovations.

Our design research and insights professionals are experienced and well versed in the myriad of design research methodologies including trend analysis, competitive market analysis, heuristic evaluation and expert reviews, user experience research and analysis, usability testing and evaluation, observational and ethnographic market research, contextual inquiry, focus groups and surveys, innovation workshops and more.

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