Choosing the right medical device design consulting firm for your project can be a challenge. Here is our guide to help you make the best decision for your company.

Why Choosing the Right Medical Device Design Firm Matters

Medical Device Design Home HealthcareA blunder by a medical device design firm that you hire can have a significant impact on your company’s product, public trust and bottom line. And of course, bad design in the medical field can negatively impact patients’ health, as well.

On the flip side, a trusted and high performing firm can act as the catalyst to ignite your team by creating a new vision or by coming up with break-though innovation or even by providing new insights through ethnographic research methods.

Start with Some Basics

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With the highly regulated medical device industry, certifications like ISO 13485 are vital, but not all firms have them. Be sure to check. Prior experience working on medical products that have been brought to market is another indicator that the medical device design firm knows how to effectively navigate FDA regulations.

Look for Long-Standing Relationships

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To get an idea of how well a medical device design consultant will probably perform in the future, look into their past.

How long have relationships spanned between the consultancy and their partners? If the firm has mostly one-off clients, it can be a red flag. This can indicate an unwillingness by the client to hire the consultant for another project.

In contrast, a consultant with a majority of long-standing partnerships has likely built strong trust with their clients, delivered on projects in a meaningful way, met project deadlines and performed in a manner that helped the company succeed.

For instance, over 90 percent of Kaleidoscope’s relationships with client partners have spanned more than 10 years. We see our client partners’ success as a great source of pride.

Tip: Ask potential consultants questions like, “How long, on average, do your relationships with client partners last?” and “What percentage of your projects are with previous clients?”

Review Direct Senior Leadership Involvement


Another important consideration when deciding on a medical device consulting firm is the level of involvement senior leadership will have in your project.

When you speak with a senior leader during the decision-making phase, ask them directly how much time they will be investing in your project. Find out the specifics about who exactly will be working on your project and the full extent of their involvement.

At Kaleidoscope, we are serious about giving our client partners the best talent and input. Kaleidoscope senior leadership is directly involved in projects to make sure design challenges are efficiently and effectively solved.

Seek a Diverse Portfolio

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Look over the consultant’s case studies of their previous projects. Are there projects in your specialty area? Does the consultant have a diverse range of products it has produced? If so, this is a positive. Lean, flexible consultants can more easily deliver on a variety of needs.

Along this same vein, research the verticals in which each firm works. Of course, look for excellent design experience in the healthcare sector—with medical devices and home health specifically. But do they have added experience in other sectors as well?

In addition to Kaleidoscope’s proven design experience in high-quality medical devices, we intentionally focus at the intersection of human insights, emerging technology and healthcare to bring the best ideas from these diverse sectors to each project.

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