Why Engineers Make a DifferenceAs National Engineers Week wraps up, we want to publicly recognize both our engineers at Kaleidoscope and the engineering community at large for their contributions to society.

To all of the engineers out there, and those within our own company, THANK YOU for the work you do every day to improve lives and make society better function. From medical devices used to save lives to consumer products that make life better to technology like computers and smart phones and AR to roads and highways to planes and spaceships, engineers work to make things function properly, and we thank you all for it.

Our society wouldn’t be what it is without you.

About National Engineers Week

Why Engineers Make a DifferenceNational Engineers Week was established in 1951 by the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE), making this year its 67th observance. The purpose of National Engineers Week is to celebrate the contributions engineers have made and continue to make to society, as well as to highlight the importance of a strong STEM education.

National Engineers Week takes place each year over the week that encompasses President George Washington’s birthday (Feb. 22). Washington is often considered the nation’s first engineer, mainly because of his surveying work.

Why Engineering Matters

Why Engineers Make a DifferenceEngineering as a discipline spans a wide range of fields, including biomedical, industrial, electrical, automotive, mechanical, civil, nuclear, environmental, aerospace, agricultural, marine, mining, systems, software, and more.

Our engineers at Kaleidoscope specifically contribute to the betterment of society most often through solving problems and developing solutions in the medical, consumer and industrial sectors.

As the NASA flight engineer in the video below said of the engineering community, “The criticality of your work on your engineering projects cannot be overstated. If you don’t do your job, then people get hurt.”

Video above compliments of Discover E

Engineers matter, and the work they do every day can save or improve lives. At Kaleidoscope, creating products and solutions for our partners that can be used to accomplish these ends is why we go to work every day.

Why Engineers Make a DifferenceOur engineers work collaboratively with our project managers, industrial designers, UX/UI designers, human factors specialists, developers, researchers and more to create products and solutions that grow businesses and improve lives. At Kaleidoscope, our engineers do not work in isolation, but in multidisciplinary teams. We all contribute to making the best possible experience for our business partners and the end users of the products we help design and develop.

How the Next Generation Contributes to the Field

Co-ops at Kaleidoscope play an important role as part of our team, and our current and past engineering co-ops have made a positive impact on the work we do. We encourage all those currently pursuing their engineering education to continue on – the work you are doing or will do can change the world.