A few weeks back our own Daniel Stillman  had the opportunity to write a book review for Core77. While the indomitable Robert Blinn writes their reviews regularly,  when he saw Sheet to Form he thought Daniel would be a great fit for reviewing it. He  might not look it, but Daniel is  a secret origami master! He studied  origami for the better part of a decade (alongside a host of origami teachers) attending conventions, teaching adults and students, and even publishing creations of his own.

Coming at the book from his perspective as a User Expereince professional, it was clear that the book needed to be tested- like any interface needs to be tested – with real users. Daniel recruited a friend, Melissa Zook, who works in leather, as a test subject.  She was perfect, since she didn’t have much experience with origami and she works in a sheet material. Daniel collaborated with with her, allowing her some unguided time with the book and also providing some help and feedback when she needed it.

Melissa did a series of 3D sketches that eventually developed into a set of more refined forms, inspired by the exercises in the book. The experiments added some depth to help readers understand the nature of the book. See one of the finished products of Melissa’s explorations below, and read Daniel’s full review here.