Matt Kornau C-Suite Awards FinalistIt’s hard work leading a company. That is probably the reason the Cincinnati Business Courier created the inaugural C-Suite Awards, which recognizes outstanding business leaders in the Greater Cincinnati region.

Kaleidoscope CEO Matt Kornau was selected as a C-Suite Awards Finalist for the third year in a row and honored with other finalists at a recent event.

Here’s why we’re not surprised he was honored for his business and leadership successes.

Kaleidoscope is Committed to Creating a Better Human Experience

Kornau became CEO of Kaleidoscope in 2003, and has since led the company in the mission to create a better human experience – one customer, one product, one insight at a time. These products include healthcare and medical devices, consumer goods, high tech and electronic devices and automotive design.

From designing drug delivery devices to improving the Swiffer experience to redesigning a Motorola user interface, Kaleidoscope designs products that grow businesses and improve lives.

Kornau has overseen all of those efforts, and has led Kaleidoscope in all of the business decisions critical for successful, meaningful product creation.

Kaleidoscope Helps Grow Businesses

Kaleidoscope’s objective is both to add real value for our business partners and to design products or services that benefit end users.

So if we don’t help our business partners grow, then we aren’t doing half our job.

As much care and attention as we put into the products we help design and develop, and no matter how passionate we are about the value the product adds (and we are passionate about that value), ultimately the product is really just the means to the end. The end is serving businesses and end users.

We work on products; we work for people.

Kornau fully understands this and has built up a company of roughly 100 people to work with this philosophy every day.

Under Kornau’s leadership, Kaleidoscope has helped businesses – including Fortune 50 companies – save money through their work with us and make money through well-designed products that provide value to their customers.

Kaleidoscope Gives Back

Good leadership by example makes a difference. As Kaleidoscope gains success, Kornau has made it a priority to continue to give back to the community – both the design community and our local community. For example, Kaleidoscope employees have served our community at the Ronald McDonald House and the Freestore Foodbank through half-day volunteer outings.

Kornau also made the decision to give back to the local social innovation firm Design Impact (DI) since the non-profit’s inception. DI uses design principles to address pressing community issues, equip leaders and inspire communities.

Ascend Makes Strides in Healthcare

Ascend Innovations™ is a joint venture formed between Dayton Children’s Hospital, Kettering Health Network and Premier Health Partners through a one-of-a-kind partnership between Kaleidoscope and the Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association (GDAHA). Ascend’s focus is to empower healthcare advancements that lead to better care and quality of life for patients.

As Ascend Partner, Kornau offers Ascend his health innovation insights gained from extensive experience in the medical device development industry.

Final Word of Appreciation

Every person on the Kaleidoscope team works hard to bring about all of these successes and is integral to our company’s progress.

But we recognize that leadership roles carry an extra weight of responsibility. So we want to echo the Cincinnati Business Courier and likewise publicly honor our CEO for all of his hard work and sacrifices that have made Kaleidoscope what it is today. Thank you, Matt!